Sram GX Eagle Upgrade

Well, it would seem that the spring riding season is upon us. The days are getting warmer and it’s hard to say if we will be getting more snow. Many of us are starting to get the itch to pedal and get our bikes ready for another season of riding trail. If you find yourself taking your bike out post sloppy winter riding or just haven’t ridden since the first snowfall, it might be time for a tune up. We all have experienced the sound of a loud chain, the slipping of gears, and the many other cries of a bike in the spring. We suggest taking this time to upgrade your drivetrain and get a new-bike feel for the season.

Sram Eagle GX

While there are many great drivetrain models out there, the Sram GX Eagle system might just be one of the greatest bangs for your buck. With a 12×1 system and 10-50 tooth range that rivals, if not out does, many 2 by systems the GX Eagle drivetrain gives you some of the most affordable wide range gearing on a bike.

Sram GX Eagle Rear DerailleurSram GX Eagle CassetteSram GX Eagle Shifter

If you want to save weight or improve shifting quality, you are able to upgrade any of your GX Eagle parts to any of the other components in the Eagle line up because all Eagle components are 100% compatible with one another. This means you can shed grams with an XO Eagle cassette or get a better shifting feel with an XX1 Eagle shifter. Heck, if you want to rock a gold chain you can get the XX1 Eagle chain. However, if you have a budget to stick to, the GX Eagle system is the way to go.

If you are interested in upgrading your drivetrain for this season give us a call or stop by to talk to one of our service technicians. We can help find the perfect drivetrain setup for you and get your season off to a great start!

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