Norco Search XR

Paved roads, gravel roads, forest service roads, no roads and everything in between. The Norco Search blurs the line between road and mountain. It is the perfect road bike for a mountain rider and the perfect ride for a road rider looking to take on a little more adventure. With clearance for up to 700x45c (or 650B x 2.1”) the Search has your back for multiple styles of cycling.

We are stoked for the Search to be in Bend. Imagine a ride that would take you up Skyliners road, south on Forest Service road 4610 and then flow down Kent’s trail back into town. Imagine packing up your bike with camping gear pedaling to Happy Valley for an overnight adventure under the stars. Imagine commuting year round on your bike and racing in the Bust Your Butte Gravel Challenge this April. The Search is capable of taking you all over Oregon on two wheels. Not to mention the many miles of roads, trails and double tracks that spread all over Central Oregon.

Norco Carbon Search XR

The Norco Search XR at Project Bike a Bend Oregon Bike Shop

If you are looking for a road bike that will not let you shy away from a ride in the dirt or hours of pedaling through mountain byways, look no further. The Carbon Search XR gives you the nimble and low weight ride you expect from a road bike but is beefy and stable enough to charge on a gravel grinding race.

Norco Steel Search XR

The Norco Search XR at Project Bike a Bend Oregon Bike ShopThe Norco Search XR at Project Bike a Bend Oregon Bike Shop

The Steel is real with this Search XR. If you find yourself dreaming of long days in the saddle touring from town to town or loading up your bike for a back road adventure then consider this. The Steel Search has the soul of an adventurer and the body of a work horse. Stop dreaming about pedaling off into the sunset… Get on a Search and go discover.

Here is a little more on the Norco Search XR from Norco themselves. If you have any  questions send us an email at We have both the carbon and steel models in shop but inventory is limited so get it while it’s hot.

Get full specs and geometry here.

2 thoughts on “Norco Search XR

  1. while a 650×2.1 fits the bike, will running a 650×47 cause it to have a wheel flop feeling?

    1. projectbikebend March 23, 2018 — 8:59 am

      You shouldn’t get any tire roll with a 650b x 47c tire.

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