New Bike Day

We all know that feeling of New Bike Day. After days, weeks, and maybe even months of planning, dreaming, and drooling you find yourself about to take the first pedal on a new set of wheels. I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like New Bike Day.

Jamie’s custom Intense Spider was built up by Project Bike owner and Jamie’s close friend, John Frey.  A couple of weeks ago we were able to tag along with John and Jamie on a little New Bike Day ride. We had great conditions. Check out some of Jamie and John’s ride.


As a gravity oriented rider, my goal for this bike was an XC setup that would nicely compliment my all mountain bike. As it turns out, this bike pedals better than I had hoped and descends better than I could have imagined”   – Jamie

Learn more about Jamie’s Custom Built Intense Spider here.

Custom built Intense Spider at Project Bike, a Bend Oregon Bike Shop
Jamie’s custom built Intense Spider


John was riding his 2018 Transition Smuggler which also proved itself to be a new age trail bike capable of tackling big climbs and smashing fast descents.

Custom built Transition Smuggler from Project Bike, a Bend Oregon Bike Shop
John’s custom built Transition Smuggler


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