Project Artist: Tony Coppi

The First Installment

While designing our bike room in the shop, we wanted to create a very clean space that was both functional and elegant. This left us with some very blank walls. After throwing ideas back and forth on how to dress up the room we decided on Project Artist.

We will be displaying the work of a local artist in our bike room. We feel this adds a community feel to the shop and also allows talented artist to show off  their work. The art will also be for sale through the artist, so let us know if you see a piece you like. Our first installment is presented by local Bend artist Tony Coppi.

Art on the bike floorThe first installment on the bike floor.

Bunny - Project Artist - Tony Coppi - Bend OregonBunny $600

Granny - Project Artist - Tony Coppi - Bend OregonGranny $1000

Boots - Project Artist - Tony Coppi - Bend OregonBoots $600

Project Artist - Tony Coppi - in Bend Oregon

Artist Spotlight

The Art I create is a blend of inspirations: realism and graffiti; a style I call “cartoon realism”. I love the bright colors that graffiti artists commonly use, and the realist technical ability to recreate proportions. I meld the two using acrylic paints. These creations are what you see before you today.
My subject matter is a conversation about women. I juxtapose playfulness with power. These contrasting perceptions show that women are strong no matter what you might see on the surface. In most of my work I don’t show the whole face; this allows the viewer to envision whomever they want.
When I’m not creating art, I am an avid mountain biker and local bike mechanic in Bend, Oregon. I am extremely excited at the opportunity to display my art at Project Bike. Congrats to Project Bike for creating their own work of art. I hope you enjoy.
-Tony Coppi

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